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Jeanne Marshall


The Ram

This ram head was created as intended, to be a ram from start to finish. It will be part of a series of three wall hangings based off of the song “Soldier, Poet, King” by The Ol Hellos. The song briefly gives the description and intention of the soldier, poet, and king. Each head will represent one of the three facets. When the other heads are complete I will assign them a title from the song. As of now, the ram is going to be either the King or the Soldier. The king is more obvious, seen tied to religious symbolism; the song even mentions the king wearing a crown made of thorns. The soldier is less distinct here, this idea coming from the vast amount of sheep in Australia. The sheep are viewed as disposable, similar to masses of foot soldiers in an enormous army.

I intend to incorporate metal into the sculptures as well, giving the king a crown made of barbed wire. The head was made with solid clay; the horns, ears, mouth, and texture were added before the sculpture was hollowed out to be fired.